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In Aqaba, at the shores of the Red Sea, south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, I was born to exist in this life and ride against the waves.

I daresay I was no ordinary kid; while others lived on the mundane surface of existing, I have always lived in my own exciting universe. I had my very own kingdom where I wear a glorious crown. My way of life may have led me to live on a path of loneliness and at time feebleness, but it was always exotic and adventurous; hence, when no comrades escorted me through the different phases of life; my dreams kept me running and pushing forward.

Those uncharted visions were my only companions, who led me straight to a truthful path. Nevertheless, I had my share living in reality; loving my family, being there for those who needed me and going back to reality when responsibilities were due. At such times, I descend from sacred world, loaded with countless stories and events to be told.

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