An aspiring Jordanian author, op-ed columnist, and content creator based in Aqaba, Jordan. His passion for writing started as a hobby and soon became a professional. Currently, he is a digital creator, copywriter and has successfully managed to self-publish his first short book in both Arabic and English. As a young enthusiastic individual, Abdullah harnessed his writing skills and managed to convey his beliefs and aspirations through writing whilst focusing on aspects that are related to Youth, the Digital World and Entrepreneurship.

Abdullah Al Habahbeh


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The Introverted Empathetic Personality 

Short Book 

This book discusses the introverted and empathetic personalities as part of human nature. It addresses the nature of being an introvert and an empath, their traits, and how to accept and deal with it, in a brief fashion based on personal experience.

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الشخصية الانطوائية المتعاطفة

كتاب قصير 

يطرح هذا الكتاب موضوع الشخصية الانطوائية المتعاطفة كطبيعة بشرية، بحيث تم التطرق لماهية الشخصية الانطوائية المتعاطفة، وصفاتها، وكيفية تقبلها والتعامل معها بأسلوب مختصر مبني على تجربة شخصية.